Just a quick update, and maybe later I’ll have the wherewithall to post pictures. And then figure out where the term “wherewithall” came from.

A quick backgrounder, though. this is the end of the first full week of classes. Beginning of term administrative meetings are pulling me in every different direction, and to get away from it all I’ve been doing a lot of scuba diving. In between all that:

  • Brewed two beers from one batch of wort. Jury is still out on if this is any good, and it really became a bit of a fly by the seat of my pants brewing session.
  • Canned marinara sauce using 1/2 bushel of tomatoes.
  • Canned corn salsa using fewer tomatoes
  • Canned mom’s chili sauce, using about 1/3 bushel of tomatoes
  • Canned peaches, using a half bushel of peaches. Yield approximately 10 quarts.
  • Canned peach rum sauce with the peaches I didn’t get into the jars the day before.
  • Canned spiced apple chutney. It took four apples, and is awesome.
  • Canned plum jam (yesterday, first time). Plum jam reminds me of my crazy but incredibly crafty granny.
  • Canned ketchup. Unlike the recipe that says it will take 45 minutes to cook 2 gallons of tomato liquid down to make 7 pints (that’s under 1/2 gallon) it took about four to five hours. I expected this.
  • Canned pickled bean salad (this was an attempt to have something more like ready prepared food but without a pressure canner.
  • Oh, I also made more cream cheese. That was easy.

I’m not bragging, but I am proud with my accomplishments. The great thing is, I’ll have this food through the winter, and it’s really easy to do. Mostly it just takes lots of chopping and time.

I am currently roasting tomatoes (the remainder of my cherry tomatoes) basically making an oven dried version of sun dried tomatoes. Cut in half, tossed with some olive oil, and 5-6 hours at 250F. A good way to use up tomatoes that are too few to go into many other recipes.


About danmalleck

Medical historian and jack-of-all-trades curmudgeon. I tend to ramble about politics, social incivility, and our self-centred culture more interested in buying the next cool ringtone or LED TV than actively engaging in the sorts of discussions and issues that matter. The more opportunity we have to buy more stuff, the less concern there is, it seems, in politics, social justice and let's face it, basic human decency, unless those things actually can save us money or get us more things to show how awesome we are through displaying our material wealth. And I like to brew beer, make cheese, and put food in jars.
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