Let the madness begin

I’m currently on a little trip to visit some friends. I’ve been away for a week and am beginning to think of the return journey. In two weeks, classes begin again, and along with planning a syllabus, working out readings, rewriting lectures and girding myself for general school-year busy-ness, I am thinking about the harvest. Oh, and because I’m insane, I’m also thinking about making more cheese, and the autumn brewing schedule.

So the plan will unfold something like this: cream cheese making, and gluten-free beer bottling on Monday. Tuesday morning, to the market to source some can-worthy fruit. Maybe pick up a bushel of peaches, if they’re truly freestone and won’t take FOREVER to peel. After the market, head to my local natural food store for 4L of unhomogenized milk. Begin the halloumi making. While milk is turning into curds, sort out the peaches, to figure out which are ready to be canned, and which will need more time to ripen. When halloumi is finally being pressed (probably by the evening), maybe begin feta. That, or go diving (which I’ve already committed to my dive buddy to do Tuesday evening).

So this may all go in a different order. However, by Wednesday evening, I should have newly canned peaches, two or three fresh cheeses, and my twentieth dive completed. A friend is coming to visit Thursday, but Friday afternoon I should be brewing a new bitter.

Then I’ll begin to figure out which autumn beer recipes are on the agenda for the next few weeks. I’m thinking stout, barley wine and something strong and lovely likes Double IPA.

Ambitious? Yes. Do-able? Yes. Do I think everything will get done? Nope. I am absolutely useless at planning out my days reasonably. But it’s nice to dream (that’s pretty much all that gets me through the madness of September!)


About danmalleck

Medical historian and jack-of-all-trades curmudgeon. I tend to ramble about politics, social incivility, and our self-centred culture more interested in buying the next cool ringtone or LED TV than actively engaging in the sorts of discussions and issues that matter. The more opportunity we have to buy more stuff, the less concern there is, it seems, in politics, social justice and let's face it, basic human decency, unless those things actually can save us money or get us more things to show how awesome we are through displaying our material wealth. And I like to brew beer, make cheese, and put food in jars.
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