Quick comment and reflection on all-grain

Well, the gravity ended up to be 1.103, which, if it ferments down to what I’m expecting, about 1.030 or so, will give a beer of near 9%.  What will really tell, though, is time, because this should get better with age.  However, let’s not put the malt cart before the yeast horse.  It still needs to ferment.

Last night before bed I was contemplating my all grain experience.  Exhausted and a little demoralized, I figured there’s no reason to do all grain when it’s so much bother, and I’m better off sticking to extract.  Yet this morning, when I was rested and reflecting again, I realized that it’s the challenge of getting it right that will keep me coming back.   When brewing with extract, the most difficult part is already done for you.  So although I can make some pretty decent beers with extract, I want to be able to do the same with all grain.

But, until I do, I’m going to have to keep stocking some Dry Malt Extract for emergencies like last night.

Tomorrow I will post pictures from my brew day.


About danmalleck

Medical historian and jack-of-all-trades curmudgeon. I tend to ramble about politics, social incivility, and our self-centred culture more interested in buying the next cool ringtone or LED TV than actively engaging in the sorts of discussions and issues that matter. The more opportunity we have to buy more stuff, the less concern there is, it seems, in politics, social justice and let's face it, basic human decency, unless those things actually can save us money or get us more things to show how awesome we are through displaying our material wealth. And I like to brew beer, make cheese, and put food in jars.
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