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And so to wrap up

It’s the end of NaBloPoMo.  I have had a month of rambling on.  Here goes the reflections, things I didn’t talk about, things I did, and things yet to come.  I’ll be off for a few days (avoiding the blogosphere) … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the real first all-grain

I think I mentioned some of this yesterday, but here are the basic reflections on the all grain day. I managed to eke out an efficiency of 70%, which was above what I predicted.  This means of all the sugars … Continue reading

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And the waiting begins…

All grain brew day (see previous posts).  I’m brewing an English Mild. I began at about 10am.  It’s 2:45 as I write, and the wort is all collected and in the kettle.  I wait for it to boil. It has … Continue reading

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Test driving the new toys

By the time you read this, two things will have happened. 1)  I’ll have taken delivery of my new car.  I broke my cycle of indecision (see post on gas range) and went ahead and got a new car.  A … Continue reading

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ESB. Tasting notes of a young beer

So I pulled a bottle of my ESB (bottled 10 days ago when I brewed my Barleywine).  I wanted to try it even though I’m finding these beers really don’t get good until about three weeks after I bottle them. … Continue reading

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Beer related, but a bit of a stretch

Today I would like to introduce you to a site that colleages and I are involved in.  It is the newly revamped website for the Alcohol and Drugs History Society.  The URL is easy. It is an academic society, … Continue reading

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Shopping day

I went across the border to my closest LHBS–that’s Local Home Brewing Shop to you.  I have been jonesing to brew, but haven’t had quite the right ingredients.  I’m also trying out a piece of brewing software that helps categorize … Continue reading

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