Core values

Fun purchase day.  I bought a core-er.  Is that a word?  Decided I needed one because after doing all those apples, I was getting tired of the cutting around the core.  I’m sure this will not be a perfect solution, but so far so good.

As a result, I decided to make dried apple rings.  Easy as pie–well, much easier. (Who decided pie would be easy?  Not even Pi is easy!).  But the process for dried apple rings according to Put em Up is easy:  peel and core apples, cut into 1/4″ rings, soak in an ascorbic acid bath for 10 minutes (6 500ml Vitamin C tablets crushed and mixed into 2 cups of water).  Put in an oven at about 170F for 3-4 hours, venting the oven by leaving the door slightly ajar (prop a wooden spoon in it to vent steam).  Easy.

Yes, I know how dirty my oven is. It's the result of being a disgusting pig.

These should be tasty.  See how my clever oven thermometer says it’s almost exactly 170F?  That’s tougher to achieve than it sounds.

Now, the other big purchase of the day is a bunch of fabric with which I will make (or convince someone who has a sewing machine to make) a big bag in which I can put my beer to “Brew in a Bag.” The woman who helped me out  thought it was cool I was brewing my own (she was relatively young and nonjudgemental, which I need when I walk into the alien territory of a fabric store). When I said “I have a sort-of strange project I need help on” she said “I like strange.” She was very helpful.  Here’s to hip Fabricland employees.


About danmalleck

Medical historian and jack-of-all-trades curmudgeon. I tend to ramble about politics, social incivility, and our self-centred culture more interested in buying the next cool ringtone or LED TV than actively engaging in the sorts of discussions and issues that matter. The more opportunity we have to buy more stuff, the less concern there is, it seems, in politics, social justice and let's face it, basic human decency, unless those things actually can save us money or get us more things to show how awesome we are through displaying our material wealth. And I like to brew beer, make cheese, and put food in jars.
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2 Responses to Core values

  1. brahm says:

    Have you tried the BIAB method yet and has it worked?

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