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The good, the bad and the pumpkin-y

Haven’t done an update recently, which is a good thing because it means that I haven’t been losing my mind canning lately.  I have decided I need a pressure canner so I can put up stuff like potatoes, but that’s … Continue reading

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Have you heard the one about evaporation?

The following is an abridged account of my correspondence with the publisher of Put Em Up, which is a decent canning book. Me:  Dear editor: I am looking at the Spiced Apple Chutney recipe on p 107 of Put Em … Continue reading

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It wasn’t even Friday the 13th…

Yesterday was a bad day.  It was looking good, but then it got bad.  Relatively.  Well, okay, it was just another day, no buildings were hit by jets or earthquakes split the earth nearby.  Just, in the grand scheme of … Continue reading

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Risking more wrath of the gods. Thanks, Port Colborne.

So I had intended to go to the local market yesterday to buy some stuff to “put up” (apples for sauce and corn for freezing), but got into some work work that I really went to town on.  I thought … Continue reading

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Sweet/Tooth Baltic Porter

Following up on the Raspberry Porter fiasco, I decided to brew something sweet and rich, to mix with the Raspberry Porter.  I have now ventured far beyond my experience, into what is for me the highly experimental.  So wish me … Continue reading

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I never liked raspberries anyway

So remember how I made a raspberry porter a few weeks ago?  The last time I made this recipe, I used cherries and added them to the boil.  Unfortunately, all the cherry flavour and colour was lost in the fermentation … Continue reading

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You feel lucky, punk-in?

Pumpkin porter.  Sounds good?  Yep.  Sounds easy?  No. In my ongoing effort to, apparently, drive myself crazy, I decided to make a pumpkin porter Saturday.  Actually, I decided a few months ago.  I brewed it Saturday. This was something I … Continue reading

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